• Motal Combat Mini arcade game machine

    WSA - 668MK

    Model No.: WSA - 668 MK


    Mortal Combat Mini arcade machine

    Here come with our new design Killer Instinct bartop arcade machine. We have designed this machine to be compatible with all the classic old games and new horizontal game, like Galaga,Pacman,Donkey Kong,Mortal Combat,Street Fighter,Bubbe Bobble,Asteroids,Wonderboy 2,Paperboy and all the favourites.




    Feature :


    1)19''Horizontal LCD - TFT monitor

    2)2019 in 1 game box. pls contact us for 2019 in 1 game list

    3)Two players support simultaneous games.

    4)Coin mechanism or not(for option)

    5)Easy access to game box and control panel

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