• Cabaret Upright arcade machine

    WSA - 068


    1) Genuine 19" Arcade Monitor

    2) Contain 60 arcade classic games, Ms Pacman, Donkey Kong,   Space Invader, 1942, Galaga,  Frogger, Millipede, Galaxian, Tank Battalion

    3) Coin – Operated or Free play mode (Two Mode)

    4) Strong Build 15mm thick MDF board

    5)  Lighting Marquee graphics & Customize monitor bezel graphics

    6)  Chrome T – Mold trim

    7) Customize Front Door graphics

    8) Easy access to the monitor chassis

    9) Inside the cabinet, there is a button to control the Marquee light on/off



     Warrenty : 
    12 month for whole arcade machines warranty. If customer have any faulty parts, we can send good parts to customers for replacement from China. If the machine out of warranty time, we just charge the basic cost for spare parts.And technical supports provided at any time.
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