• Galaga arcade video game

    WSA - 068GL
    Product Description

     It is the factory latest Galaga arcade video game machines !!!  The stand up cabinet come with fully Galaga side artwork and Marquee.


    *  19'' high resolution LCD screen. 


    *  Contain 60 classic games. It is Galaga, Pac - Man, Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invader etc ...


    * Game system support two players upright mode


    * Coin mechanism included . 


    * 15mm thick wood strongly build cabinet. 


    * Easily access to the inside cabinet 


    Our Services

     After Sale Service :   


    *   12 month for whole arcade machines warranty. If customer have any faulty parts, we can send good parts to customers for


    replacement from China. If the machine out of warranty time, we just charge the basic cost for spare parts.



    *  And technical supports provided at any time.


    Company Information


    Guangzhou Winsun Amusement Co.,Ltd are based in Guangzhou City,South of China. We are a professional manufacturers and designers for arcade game machines. and we have 7 years experiences in producing & selling arcade machines to Overseas cusotmers. Our main products as below :


    1) Arcade Upright game machine : Pac-Man upright machine, Galaga upright machines, Mortal Kombat upright, etc..

    2) Cocktail table game : 2 players ocktail game table, 4 players game table , etc..

    3) Mini arcade machines : Ms Pacman mini arcade, Donkey Kong mini arcade, Galaga mini arcade etc..

    4) Arcade Game Board : 19 in 1 jamma board, 60 in 1 jamma board, 412 in 1 vertical game, 520 in 1 Pandora'box, 1050 game computer box, 2019 game computer box etc...

    5) Arcade Machines parts : Joystick, power supply, LCD monitor etc..


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