• Mortal Kombat II Stand up arcade games

    WSA - 22019

    Mortal Kombat II Stand up arcade games :
    Here come with our new design Mortal Kombat II arcade games. We have designed this New cabinet to be compatible with 2 players to play some games simultaneously.

    The NBA Jam arcade games have huge 32'' High definition LED screen. so 2 players can have enough space to play the games head to head.

    The NBA Jam arcade games contain total 2019 games, all the classic old games and new horizontal game, like Galaga,Pacman,Donkey Kong,Mortal Combat,Street Fighter,Bubbe Bobble,Asteroids,Wonderboy 2,Paperboy and all the favourites.
    Feature :

    1) 32’’LED highdefinition screen

    2) Contain total 2019 games.Including Street Fighter Series, Bubble Bobble, wonder boy, Pac man, Galaga, X - men vs. Street Fighter..etc. And some game support 4
    players joystick simultaneously

    3) Original Mortal Kombat II side artwork and lighting marquee

    4) coin mechanism for coin business or FREE PLAY for home use

    5) Easy access to the game jamma board and LED panel via rear door and front door

    Specification :

     174(H) X 75(D) X 80(w) CM ; Weight : 95 KG

    Factory introduction :

    We are a professional factory which are focus on Arcade machines and Pinball machines. We are dedicated to producing arcade machines and pinball machines for home entertaiment

    We have regular clients in UK, Germany,Netherland, Belgium, France, USA and Australia. Welcome new customers to send enquiry to us. Our sale team will reply your enquery during 24 hours.

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