• Super Mario Video arcade game machine

    WSA - 0905SPMR

    New Arrival !!!


    The Super Mario video arcade game machine is our latest model and is easily the wildest machine we’ve developed.

    Full side Super mario art and Lighting marquee make this a stand out machine in any environment.


    The arcade monitor has been set at the perfect angle with the overhead marquee perfectly positioned to block out external glare.


    The Super Mario video arcade machine come with coin mechanism, so customers can put the machines in the bar, Restraurant to make coin business .


    Features : 

    26″ LCD arcade monitor
    2019 Games JAMMA board, Street Fighter series, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Golden golf, Pac Man...etc
    2 player (6 button control)
    Stereo Speakers
    Fluoro Marquee Banner
    Free credit button
    Easy to access control panel
    Easy to access LCD monitor
    Fully lockable cabinet with 2 keys
    12 Months back to base warranty

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