• Video Arcade Machine WSA-088CA

    WSA - 088CA

    Video Arcade Machine

    Model NO. WSA-088CA


    over 2000 of your all-time favourite arcade games packed into just one fantastic machine!


    The Video  Arcade Machine is cool for everyone in the game room, pub, club or even in home & office - old & young alike,


    providing endless hours of fun and excitement. No assembly - just plug and play.  stereo  sound, dynamic


    side graphics and lighting marquee provide a superior playing experience.




    1) 26inch LCD Brand New monitor


    2) Contain over 1000 arcade games. For example, Pacman, Space Invader,

         Wonder Boy, Street Fighers II, X men vs Street Figher etc…


    3) Coin operated or Free Play mode ( Two Function )


    4) polyethylene Side graphics / artwork.  And Lighting Marquee graphics


    5) Control panel has 1 or 2 players option


    6) Chrome Trim


    7) two Stereo speakers

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